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Taking a Drummer from the Band
July 7, 2010, 11:42 pm
Filed under: Family and Friends
We have no promise in this life
That secures us a safe journey
He said He would be with us
From now until eternity

This faith does sustain us
We live by it day by day
As for hope of a tomorrow
He said, "I am with you all the way"

So we give birth to our children
With love, hope, and a great plan
That they will grow and develop
Into a kind woman or a happy man

In nurturing these precious angels
In the rules for a good life
We also work long hours and study
How to raise them with less strife

They experience chicken pox and measles
Those mumps were no fun
But we grew closer and closer
While nursing illness from dark to sun

Oh, we look at them so often
As we think to ourselves
How did I ever deserve this child
Seems a fantasy just like - little elves

But sometimes these things will happen
We cannot, but do try, to understand
To lose the precious jewels
Is like taking a drummer from a band

How we then come to realize
That our life must go on and on
That He sent us all for a reason
We must reach out and sing our song

There are many who need to hear it
Their life here is incomplete
Unless we are there and willing
With our own words and suns to our beat

There is no place to stop it
Our march must go on
Thank God those jewels will be waiting
When we sing our final song

You must show strength to Jordan
Whose love for them was shared
He also lost abundantly
He needs to know someone cares

His life must go on normal
Or as a teenage life should be
With that glow he always carries
He'll soothe your pain, wait and see

Yes, I know, I have children
And, yes, I'm also aware
That no one can take their places
Not anyone can fill their chair

But all of you can pull together
In hidden discreet form
And can fill your longing
For those guys who have gone on

You can help those who are struggling
Who try to reach a higher goal
By teaching them the values
You taught those darling souls

Now the fact that your children will be there
When you someday arrive
Should always make you celebrate
When reminded of those precious eyes

By Joyce Porter Hammers, close friend, artist, 
poet from Morgantown, KY.  


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