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Andrew Baber’s Birthday “A”s
April 16, 2010, 3:57 pm
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November 15, 2009

Andrew’s 28th birthday

On Andrew’s 28th birthday, I went up to the cemetery for a visit.  I let a balloon go, and just sat and thought about him for a while.  I started thinking about what people told me the day of his funeral.  Although I didn’t see it, several people told me that the contrails of jets had made an “A” right above Andrew’s grave site.  Several times over the past nine years, I have seen an “A” in the sky at particularly difficult times.  So, I just said to Andrew that it would be nice to see another “A” for his birthday.

When I went back to my car, I just had to take a look.   I saw two places in the sky that I could actually convince myself were “A”s, although I know it can be a stretch.  The first picture is one of the two pictures I took that day.

That evening I went to the Domino’s Pizza that Andrew worked for to get dinner for Joseph, Rebecca and myself.  This last picture is of the sky.  I raced home to get my camera because it was truly something I would never be able to describe without sounding like a crazy bereaved mother.  I hope you enjoy these pictures.

Much love,


Andrew Baber (age 19) passed on January 1, 2001 when he choked on a gummy bear.  Andrew’s 28th birthday was November 15, 2009 when he sent his mother Colleen these two “A” gifts.