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Christmas in Iraq
December 23, 2007, 4:44 pm
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My concern over the War in Iraq took a decided turn on December 4th when our great nephew, Thom Smith was deployed to Iraq.  Thom is the middle son of our nephew, Danny Smith from Lexington, Kentucky.   Although Danny is my husband’s nephew, they were raised like brothers.  Danny and Josephine’s sons, Ty, Thom amd Ted Smith were rasied with our sons Drew, Jeremiah and Jordan.

The Smith brothers are exceptional young men.  Ty, the oldest, graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law at the top of his class.  He lives in Louisville, Kentucky with his beautiful wife Kristin whom he met while they both were in undergraduate school at Transylvania University in Lexington.  Ty is a remarkable young man.  He has compassion for others, a trait so important in his profession.

Thom Smith graduated from Dunbar High School in Lexington, Kentucky and began his military career as a freshman at West Point.  Thom Smith is the kind of young man you would expect to get an appointment to West Point.  He is intelligent, a born leader, a gifted athlete, a family man, and someone who loves his country.

Ted Smith is the youngest of the Smith brothers.  Ted is a student at the University of Kentucky.  He is the most reserved of the brothers, maybe because he is the youngest.  Ted sits quietly as a whirl of conversation swirls around him never missing a word.  In his quiet way, he expresses his opinion and you realize how involved he has been in the conversation.  I have given Ted the title of ”the best hugger” of the brothers.  He is the most precious young man.

Josephine Smith, the mother of these remarkable young men was a dynamic woman.  She was an RN who worked over twenty years at St. Joseph Hospital in Lexington, KY.   Jo loved her boys.  She devoted her life to her family and to her patients.  Jo died January 23, 2004 after a battle with breast cancer.  She did not live to see Ty and Kristen’s wedding.  She did not live to see Thom graduate from West Point in 2006.  She did not live to see Ted begin his freshman year at UK.  I know she was there in spirit at each of these events.  How proud she must be of her sons!

As Christmas approaches, I am thinking of Thom and his men who are stationed in Taji in Iraq.  Will they know how much they are in our thoughts and prayers?  Do they feel an attachment to those of us they left behind.  I have to think they do.

Thom Smith and Leigh Ward got engaged only weeks before his deployment to Iraq.  Leigh and Thom have known each other since high school.  Leigh is both courageous and strong.  The love she and Thom have for each other will sustain them until he returns to the states after his tour of duty.

Please keep Thom, the men in his unit, and all the other young men and women who are serving their country in Iraq and Afghanistan in your prayers this holiday season.  They serve so we can live in freedom.

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