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Max Cooley
September 23, 2007, 3:46 pm
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My son Jordan lost a close friend this past week…Arthur Cooley Jr, Max to his friends. Although my husband Luther and I had never met Max, we had heard the names Max and Bear for years. Jordan would call and say that Max and Bear had come over to his house. Bear was Max’s black lab. Lennon is Jordan’s black lab. Max and Jordan were friends. Bear and Lennon were friends.

On September 19th, Jordan and Bear lost Max when he was killed in a car accident in Maryland. Max was twenty-six years old. When I told Jordan I would be sending Max’s parents one of my bereavement packets, he said, “Tell his parents he would have done anything for me and all of our other friends.” Such a simple statement but one that says volumes. How many of us have had a friend like Max?

Max, you have touched so many in your short life. You will never be forgotten. Jordan will always carry the times you shared as he tries to make sense of why so many close to him have passed. I have a feeling that Jordan’s brothers, Drew and Jeremiah, have made it a point to find you in heaven. They always loved their brother’s friends.