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There Are No Coincidences
August 9, 2007, 3:50 pm
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Two nights ago my husband Luther asked me the phone number for one of our employees, John, so he could call him about a business matter.  Looking up from my laptop, I gave him the number and went back to my work as he went into the den to make the call.  I heard him laughing and wondered what about our pharmacy company was so amusing at such a late hour. Luther’s call didn’t quite turn out as he had expected.  When the phone was answered, the person said, “Hello.”  Luther said, “John?”. The person said, “Yes.”  Then Luther went on to ask John how his day had been that day at one of the drugstores.  The person on the other end of the phone said, “Who is this?”  Luther said his name and the other person said, “Luther, this is Artie.”  Well, Artie is one of Luther’s best friends, Artie Foss, and not his employee John.  Luther had dialed a local phone number for John and by “coincidence” had gotten his friend Artie Foss in Rumson, New Jersey.

Artie and his wife Eleanor have been friends of ours since 1993 when we first contacted them after the death of their son John…..John…..that was why Artie answered to the name John when somehow Luther was connected to their number in New Jersey.  Luther has never called Artie and Eleanor.  He has no way of knowing their number.  The phone he called them on was not a cell phone with stored numbers.  Luther had dialed a local number here in Beattyville, Kentucky, and Artie Foss answered.  Weird?  Not at all! The four of us know it was meant to be because as a result of that call, we arranged to meet the last week in August in Portland, Maine for Baystock, the music festival for the Jessie Bullens-Crewe Foundation. Remember, there are no “coincidences.”  They are just God’s way of letting you know He is there.  We look forward to our trip to Portland, Maine where we will see our friends Cindy Bullens, Dan Crewe and Reid Bullens-Crewe and her husband Derek and daughter Tobey.  Those of you who have seen our documentary know that Cindy Bullens wrote the amazing score.  Both Dan and Reid were interviewed in the film and mean so much to us on our grief journey.

If any of you are in the Portland area, check out the Baystock Music Festival on Saturday, August 18th.  Cindy and Reid will both be performing as well as the feature band, The Black Crowes.  How proud Jessie must be of her parents and her sister as they work tirelessly for the Maine Children’s Cancer Center.