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“Space Between Breaths”
July 30, 2007, 3:52 pm
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To those of you who were with us on May 31, 2007 for the private screening of our documentary, your presence meant the world to me. Having eleven of the twelve families interviewed for the film among the almost eight hundred in attendance made for a memorable night in the historic Kentucky Theatre. Most of the seventy-four families whose children’s photos were featured in the film were there as well. Thank you dear friends and family for supporting our film and its message in such a positive way.

Since the screening, word has spread through on-line chat groups about the powerful message of our film. I have received e-mails from literally all over the country requesting information on the film. Each and every message has been answered personally with many of the families being sent one of my bereavement packets. Many have asked to be added to the database we are compiling for the documentary. I will be using this comment section to keep those of you who are interested in the film abreast of the latest news.

Since the screening, we have done additional editing on the film. For those of you who remember the clip where our oldest son Drew is singing, “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, well, we had to delete that clip. I have tried for over four months to get a sync license from Guns N’ Roses to use their lyrics in the fifteen second clip so important to me in the film. Call after call to their publisher in Nashville provided no positive response. Rather than hold up the process of submitting the film to film festivals, we made the decision to edit out the clip. I am glad some of you got to see the clip that our son Fong did that meant so much to me. The film was been cut from the 113 minutes shown at the private screening to the current 105 minutes of the final version. Sifford Video in Nashville is completing the new DVD which should be to us by the end of the week. The next step is to submit the film to the Sundance Film Festival. Keep your fingers crossed.

If any of you have any distribution suggestions, please let me know. I do know each of our special angels are watching over this special film.

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I am appaulled at the fact that Guns and Rose’s can’t let that happen. They have no idea what it is like to lose a child and I don’t wish that on them but I do hope that they have to stand up for what they did at the judgement day and I hope all of our angels and anyone who loved them stand and say our peace about it! They afraid our children are going to upstand them or what???

Comment by Suzette

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